Signature Program

Community leadership for established professionals

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

You can shape the future of the Pikes Peak Region

The Signature Program challenges you become a catalyst for change in our community. Armed with knowledge, tools, and connections, you’ll be equipped to address pressing community needs and drive meaningful change. Over the course of 10 transformative months, from August to June, you’ll dive deep into the issues that matter most in our community and learn from industry leaders and experts.

Our Focus

The Signature Program is for experienced professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of themselves and connection to the community. The program has three key areas of focus:


To be great leaders, we must understand ourselves. Who are we? What are we capable of? How do others perceive us? For great leadership skills to be actualized, we must discover our strengths, unique personalities, abilities, passions, and potential for growth. With a solid foundation of personal development, our participants are poised to make an impact in the Pikes Peak Region and beyond.


Community engagement is crucial for creating sustainable solutions, fostering social cohesion, and ensuring that decisions made by institutions or organizations align with the needs and aspirations of the community. Our program graduates become catalysts for change in our community. Our alumni serve on boards/committees, always find ways to give back, and will stop at nothing to make the Pikes Peak Region a better place.


Armed with knowledge, tools, and connections, our participants are equipped to address pressing community needs and drive meaningful progress. Over the course of 10 transformative months, from August to the following June, they dive deep into the issues that matter most in our community and learn from industry leaders and experts while also building deep connections through collaboration with their classmates on community projects. This hands-on experience allows participants to apply leadership skills and newfound strengths in a real-world setting.

Signature Information Session

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The Program Curriculum

The program’s curriculum is tailored for the three focus areas above.

First, the program empowers participants to thrive through strength-based leadership, tapping into their true potential to make a significant impact. Each participant will take a Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment and work with a trained facilitator to interpret results in a tangible, easy-to-apply way.

Second, each program day focuses on a different sector of the community. The class hears from industry professionals and gets hands on behind the scenes tours of facilities and activities. These hands-on sessions provide a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of our community enabling participants to gain:

In-depth knowledge of both formal and informal decision-making channels within the community.

A broad view on critical community issues, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities at hand.

Introduction to key community leaders, providing valuable networking opportunities to expand your professional connections.

Upon completing the program, you will graduate as a community trustee, joining our network of LPP alumni who have emerged as influential leaders passionately committed to fostering a vibrant and prosperous community in Colorado Springs.

Tuition   $3,950

We do provide limited scholarships and payment plans, and applicants are highly encouraged to apply regardless of their financial situation. Apply for the Signature Program today and embark on an extraordinary journey that will transform not only your leadership capabilities but also your entire perspective on what it means to be a true leader in the Pikes Peak Region.

Applications due July 15, 2024

Start Your Leadership Journey

Application Process

Applications for the 2025 Signature cohort are due by July 15, 2024. In addition to the application, applicants will need to submit two letters of recommendation from supervisors, colleagues, or community leaders. These individuals should address the applicant’s leadership abilities and current/potential for community impact. LPP must receive these letters of recommendation by the due date in order for the application to be considered. Letters may be submitted with the application or be sent separately.

Tuition for this program is $3,950. Limited scholarships and unlimited payment plans are available.

*The system will not allow applicants to save and resume their application at a later date. Please be prepared with the following information needed to complete the application.

On your application, you will be asked to provide:


  • Short Bio
  • Community Activities
  • Employment History
  • Professional Activities
  • Education
  • What do you hope to gain from the program?

2024-2025 Signature Program Schedule

The Signature class will meet all business day with the exception of two evening events.

Thursday, August 15

Orientation session (Evening Event)

Thursday, September 12

Arts & Creativity day

Thursday, October 2/3

Overnight retreat

Thursday, October 24

business & Economy day

Thursday, November 14

Human Services day

Thursday, December 12

education day

Thursday, January 9

Diversity, equity & inclusion day

Thursday, January 23

health day

Thursday, February 13

Military day

Thursday, March 13

Judicial & Criminal Justice Day

Thursday, April 10

local government day

Thursday, April 24

Public Service Day

Thursday, May 8

Make-up day (snow, etc)

Thursday, May 22

Sustainability Day

Thursday, June 5

Graduation (Evening Event)

Want to learn more about this program?

Contact us to go over program details, address time commitments, and answer any questions you have. Melanie Hicks, Board Chair and Program Director

Words From Our Graduates

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Our Signature Program is in part due to our wonderful sponsors who help us make the experience memorable and valuable for the participants. Thank you to The Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber as our Signature Coffee Sponsor, and The White Law Firm, our Signature Sponsor.

PO Box 6949
Colorado Springs, CO 80934
PO Box 6949
Colorado Springs, CO 80934