Message from Executive Director, Sabrina Wienholtz


LPP Focusing Efforts to Build a Stronger Future

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John C. Maxwell.

Leadership Pikes Peak has been the premier provider of community leadership programming in the Pikes Peak region for over 45 years. In that time, our community has grown tremendously. Leadership Pikes Peak has grown as well – offering a wide variety of programs serving a broad range of community members.

Leadership Pikes Peak is at a crossroads. Declining participation in core programs and a difficult fundraising landscape have resulted in a tenuous financial situation. Last week the Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to reduce staff. While no one is happy to have had to make that decision, we feel that reducing scope provides the best path forward.

As we focus on delivering our mission, some programs will change. We will not offer the Leadership Now! Program in 2023. We do hope to launch a revised program for young professionals in 2024. To continue to deliver on our mission to build a thriving community through leadership and service, we must narrow our focus. In the coming months, you can count on the following from Leadership Pikes Peak.

  • A strong Signature Program that meets the needs of today’s leaders.
  • A relevant and impactful Community Leadership Conference and Awards Luncheon.
  • Opportunities for LPP alumni to engage with our programs, one another, and the Colorado Springs Community.
  • An updated LPP website.

We humbly ask you, friends, and alumni of LPP, for your support as LPP works toward a brighter future.

LPP Staff and the Board of Directors will take the time necessary to adjust the sails. The Pikes Peak region deserves quality community leadership programming that is relevant, responsive, and accessible. Leadership Pikes Peak will be here to deliver on that promise.

Sabrina Wienholtz

Executive Director, Leadership Pikes Peak

PO Box 6949
Colorado Springs, CO 80934
PO Box 6949
Colorado Springs, CO 80934